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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gluten Free and You is Born

Gluten Free and You was born out of a desire to chronicle my family's ongoing gluten free adventure. Nearly two years ago my son was diagnosed with celiac disease. All too many parents know that the struggles and sickness leading up to the diagnosis can be almost too much to bare. When the pediatrician called with this information a flood of emotion filled me, for not only did we hear what was making our son so sick, but I knew what I had been suffering from for more than a decade.
After a solid confirmation from a medical professional, our lives changed for the better.  My family is my inspiration and this blogspot is dedicated to them.

Since you are visiting please know how much I appreciate your interest in this very young blog. I hope you come back often and with any luck read something that livens up your adventure whether it be gluten free or not.  This blog will be brimming with delicious recipes, relevant articles and more. Showcased will be recipes from a variety of chefs.  Also included will be original recipes and tips from yours truly. 
Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!


  1. I have many great recipes to share! The best find recently was the brand of bread called Udi. It is great to finally have a really good sandwich again! The store where we buy it can't keep it on the shelf!

  2. Love this blog and you free and easy writing style makes reading a breeze, much success and I look forward to following you and your in this journey.