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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snikiddy Original Flavor Baked Fries

Made with cornmeal, potato flakes, sunflower oil and a variety of other ingredients I have heard of and can pronounce without the help of wikipedia, these unassuming pleasantly packaged "fries" are quite possibly the best snack I have purchased since my celiac diagnosis.

As a child I loved potato sticks, these are better. As a teen I liked potato chips, these are better. In fact I think Snikiddy Baked  Fries are the best of both worlds.  My family and I have sampled the original flavor and the ketchup flavor. We preferred the original flavor with its unexpected burst of flavor and crisp texture over the ketchup variety. The ketchup fries are without a doubt appropriately named. I am sure they will be overwhelming popular with folks who really love ketchup. I am anxious to try the cheddar cheese and Parmesan garlic flavors.

I purchased the large 20oz. bag simply from the packaging alone. I had not tried them nor had anyone told me about these fries. On a return trip to Wegmans, where I bought them I told the manager of the Nature's Market section how delicious they were. She said they were being purchased at a rapid pace. I am not surprised.

To Snikiddy and other companies who are meeting and surpassing the expectations of consumers like myself, I say thank you.  I encourage all Gluten Free and You readers to check out  for more information.

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