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Monday, April 25, 2011

In the Lap of Gluten Free Luxury

The title of this post came to me while in Florida visiting family this past week. I could write about the white sugary sand beaches, the tropical green waters of the Gulf of Mexico and go on and on about the fun we had fishing on a fantastic charter boat, but all I really want to write about is FOOD! I spent five days in what can only be described as the lap of gluten free luxury. When traveling, things become unknown as far as food options unless you do your homework. I admit I did not give food a lot of thought before going to Florida. To me, Florida meant fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, all gluten free options. I really did not consider a whole pantry full of gluten free packaged goods. But that is exactly what I found when we arrived.

I felt as if I had been gently dropped onto my own personal gluten free island. Brownies, crackers, chocolate wafers oh my! There were so many options I had to bring some home before even trying them. My favorite products were Sam Mills Gluten Free Corn Pasta, and Glutino Sans Gluten Free Wafer Cookies.

Sam Mills Gluten Free Corn Pasta came as such a surprise to me. I had always been told when buying gluten free pasta to buy a rice variety. I have had success with rice brands, but Sam Mills has made me a believer that rice has some competition. There were seven people at our dinner table, only two follow a gluten free diet. Everyone loved the pasta. In fact the hostess (who is not on a gluten free diet) said she will buy Sam Mills from now on. The texture and taste cannot be beat. Best of all No Sticking!

Glutino never ceases to amaze. People who complain that gluten free food is bland with no flavor haven't had anything from Glutino. They make pretzels, crackers, cookies, wafers, bread and much much more. Today, I am writing about the Milk Chocolate Coated Wafers. Crispy wafers layered with chcocolate and deliciously dipped in yes, more chocolate. In appearance they remind me of something I ate as a child, but in taste they are so grown up. I see these gems on a dessert platter at a cocktail party or yes at your five year old's birthday bash!

P.S. The fish, fruit and vegetables were just as I thought, plentiful and mouthwatering. Many thanks to my family and to Florida for the southern hospitality I could get used to :)

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