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Friday, June 10, 2011

Gluten Free and You Delivers
I have been asked by Readers of Gluten Free and You to enable delivery of posts via email. I set this feature up a week ago, but wanted to give it a test run. After successfully receiving the most recent posts I am happy to announce that for those that wish to receive posts by email you may do so by entering your email address in the new "Follow by Email" gadget located in the sidebar courtesy of Feedburner by Blogger. As always your privacy is just that, YOURS.  The only email from GFY you will receive are new posts. Nothing will be delivered if I don't post something new.
Another new feature is the print button at the bottom of posts. This "Print Friendly" button is most useful if you would like to print a recipe or send a recipe to a friend. I hope you like and use these new features. All I ask in return is that you give credit where credit is due.  I strive to be an honest blogger and always site my sources. I want folks out there who have worked hard at creating recipes to receive the proper respect. As a blogger it is my duty and my pleasure.  As always thank you for stopping by and come again soon.
P.S. Reaction tabs located at the bottom of posts are a quick way to give feedback without taking time to comment, but comments are most appreciated. Bye for now :)

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