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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Voila! A New Feature

Flowers & Herbs
I just added a new feature you may find useful. It's called Linkwithin. This gadget pulls other posts from the archives and features them at the bottom of each post entry. What I have found to be fun is, say you are looking for a dinner option or even a side dish and then voila at the bottom of the post you find a great dessert. You might find an article that I posted a week or a month ago that you missed but find relevant to you that day.  I hope you enjoy and take advantage of this new feature. Feel free to comment here on the blogspot, on facebook or shoot me an email to and tell me what you think of this new feature or the blog itself, after all it's about Gluten Free and You!

P.S. Did you notice the new poll question in the sidebar???

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