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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear Readers,

I am taking a leave of absence from public blogging to spend some quality time with my family.  I will be adding original recipes to my blogspot.  Perhaps when the day comes that my baby birds leave the nest I will make public once again this very special online cookbook.  Until that time I pray you are all happy, healthy and safe.

"If a tiny spark of God's love already burns within you, do not expose it to the wind, for it may get blown out... Stay quiet with God...Do not give yourself to others so completely that you have nothing left for yourself." St. Charles Borromeo

Gluten Free and You  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake, Gluten Free Cake

Cheesecake, Gluten Free-Style
Just a quick hello to those who enjoy Gluten Free and You, the blogspot, I have decided to remove AdSense adds not because they were offensive but because I definitely don't blog for the money. I blog because I want my children to have a virtual cookbook of their childhood favorites, a reference guide to products that we have tried and enjoy, as well as some current events of the growing need for Celiac Disease awareness. I also decided when I began this blog to share it publicly so that perhaps someone just finding out that they need to eat gluten free might not feel as overwhelmed a I did four years ago.

The month of May for my family is not only Celiac Disease Awareness Month, it also marks the anniversary of my son's and my celiac diagnosis.  Although I do not blog nearly as much as I did the first year I am no less passionate about the importance of following a strict gluten free diet if necessary. For more information on Celiac Disease see my May 15, 2010 post  What is Celiac Disease? and check out the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearing House link from that post.

From the bottom of my heart, Cheers to your health!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Clams Casino

This post is dedicated to my aunt Janice and uncle Tommy. Janice taught me so much about being a hostess and a home chef. To me, a home chef creates classy meals whether it's simple meat loaf and mashed or a five course meal. Janice oozed style and grace all while having a great time. In a nutshell she knew how to throw a party for 50 or 2, and she put the same effort into both. If you were lucky enough to be at Janice and Tommy's for a party you knew you were about to experience something very special. Cheers to my favorite aunt and uncle! I love you!
 Recipe tip: I save bread throughout the year, put it in the food processor and store the crumbs in the freezer until I need them for recipes like this. I usually don't even need to thaw them although I think you could. Some of my favorite crumbs come from bread I make in the bread maker using Pamela's Bread Mix. This recipe can easily be doubled.

Clams Casino
6 1/2 oz can minced clams
1/4 stick butter
1/2 cup dried bread crumbs (see recipe tip)
4 slices crisply cooked bacon, crumbled
1/4 cup minced onion
1 Tbs parsley flakes, crumbled
1 Tbs Parmesan cheese
1/2 Tbs Old Bay
1/2 Tbs lemon juice
1 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp garlic powder
Paprika, sprinkle

1. Drain clams, reserve liquid.
2. Melt butter and add to clams. 
3. Add all other ingredients and mix. 
4. Add clam juice until all is moist. You may not need all of it. 
5. If you have clean clam shells fill them each with the mixture and top with more Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of Paprika. If you do not have clam shells spay a mini cupcake pan with cooking spray, place a small amount of clam mixture in the palm of your hand, shape into a ball and place into the cupcake pan and bake as usual.
6. Bake in a pre-heated 400 degree oven until hot about 15-20 minutes.

Coming Home

New Year's Eve is my favorite day of the year. For me, it is the quintessential holiday. The main focus is to have a good time with those you love. It just doesn't get much better! Speaking of things you love, I love blogging, but have not made one post until today since September. This is in part to taking a job I was offered through my Church. Being a wife and mother has been the most wonderful and fulfilling experience of my life. Since beginning working for my Diocese I now have added an experience that feels like I am coming home every time I step into my office.

I certainly wish I had been able to post along side working and keeping up with my domestic affairs, but alas I could not. Moving forward I do hope to maintain this hobby as well as juggle other duties successfully. My goal is and always has been to blog recipes and current events pertaining to living gluten free. My desire is to have a place my children can go and look up all of the recipes they grew up with. Recipes collected from talented chefs from around the world and even a few from yours truly. While this collection develops I earnestly hope that readers of this blog find something to enhance their lifestyle whether you must eat gluten free or not.

Peace and Happiness in the New Year and Always!  Happy 2012!!!

Quick Cuke Canapes: Gluten Free Naturally

There is just something really special to me about preparing something elegant yet SUPER easy that is created from naturally gluten free ingredients. These canapes fit that description. Perfect for your New Years's Eve celebration or anytime. Enjoy!

2 medium cucumbers (I use seedless English cukes)
1 (3oz.) pkg. cream cheese , softened
2 Tbs finely chopped fresh parsley
2 Tbs finely chopped chives
1 Tbs sour cream or mayonaisse
1 tsp prepared horseradish
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 cup finely chopped cooked shrimp

Makes 36 canapes
Original source unknown

1. Draw tines of fork lengthwise through cucumber peel to score; cut into 1/4 inch thick slices. Place on paper towels to drain.
2. In a small bowl, combine sour cream, horseradish, and lemon juice; beat until smooth. Stir in shrimp.
3. Spread or pipe 1 tsp mixture onto each cucumber slice. Garnish as desired.
4. Serve immediately or refrigerate up to 2 hours.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

An Appealing Poll Question

It has been a long time since Gluten Free and You posted a poll question. I remedied this, this afternoon. The new question is, What Sounds Most Appealing to YOU? Your choices are Meat Lovers Recipes,Veggies Only Please, I'll Pass on the Dairy, and I'm Watching My Weight. The most popular answer or "Readers Choice", as I like to call it will inspire a series of recipes just as polls have in the past. I hope you enjoy this new poll question. The poll closes on September 17, 2011, at  12:00am. The poll is located in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Meal Planner

Announcing a new feature called Meal Planner! Sometimes I am at a loss for what to make for dinner. When I create a meal plan for a week or more I find dinners come together a lot easier. The Meal Planner will be found early in a post and listed in bold print. It will usually include a main dish and two sides.

When creating a grocery list you may find glancing at the Meal Planner tab useful. There is only one meal suggestion there so far, but I will be adding to it so check back. Feel free to comment about this new feature and let me know what you think.  After all,  it wouldn't be Gluten Free and You without YOU!