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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake, Gluten Free Cake

Cheesecake, Gluten Free-Style
Just a quick hello to those who enjoy Gluten Free and You, the blogspot, I have decided to remove AdSense adds not because they were offensive but because I definitely don't blog for the money. I blog because I want my children to have a virtual cookbook of their childhood favorites, a reference guide to products that we have tried and enjoy, as well as some current events of the growing need for Celiac Disease awareness. I also decided when I began this blog to share it publicly so that perhaps someone just finding out that they need to eat gluten free might not feel as overwhelmed a I did four years ago.

The month of May for my family is not only Celiac Disease Awareness Month, it also marks the anniversary of my son's and my celiac diagnosis.  Although I do not blog nearly as much as I did the first year I am no less passionate about the importance of following a strict gluten free diet if necessary. For more information on Celiac Disease see my May 15, 2010 post  What is Celiac Disease? and check out the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearing House link from that post.

From the bottom of my heart, Cheers to your health!